Serena Genovese Web & Digital

is much more than a web agency!

Above all, we are a team.

We believe in teamwork, balance and sharing ideas, both internally and with our customers, because this is how the best ideas are born. We are proud to be a 70% female team.

Innovation, technical know-how, sensitivity and attention to detail are the ingredients of our creativity.

Web design in Dubai

web design agency in Dubai

We are based in Dubai n a geographical area that – thanks to its concentration of numerous businesses – has given us the chance to work in a wide range of different areas, maintaining uniqueness and customization for all our customers.

Serena Genovese Web & Digital offers and provides services both nationally and internationally, wherever creativity is required!

creation of websites

Serena Genovese founded the web agency in Dubai, having decided to put her studies and her training in the creation of websites to good use.

From an early age, whilst at high school, she studied html programming, a passion that led her to graduate in Multimedia Sciences and Technologies , deepening and broadening her knowledge.

Career-wise, she then dedicated herself professionally to photography, a profession that often took her all over the United Arab Emirates, Italy and Europe, and further afield, including the United States, and Cambodia.

Website development: from corporate websites to e-commerce

Serena continued to train, gain experience and work on the creation of websites, finally consolidating her knowledge with the foundation of the web agency, dealing with the development of numerous websites for professional firms, individual businesses and companies.

Collaborations over the years have enabled her to create a homogeneous team capable of offering high-level services, resulting from research, and listening carefully to the customer’s needs.

creative team

Web designers, graphic designers, copywriters, uxwriters, photographers and video makers are some of the professionals who form the creative team at your disposal. Aware that every case has its own added values and objectives, Serena Genovese Web & Digital will create the best showcase for your business.