Brand identity Dubai

brand identity makes your business unique and identifiable

Each business has its own philosophy, characteristics that make it unique among the various competitors in the same sector.

It is often difficult to make these characteristics stand out, not only in terms of the business itself but also in conveying them to the target audience, thus preventing interested users from locating you and making your message more widely known.

Brand identity is determined by graphics and communication, together they distinguish a brand and make it stand out.

The logo, the name, the choice of the writing font and type of language used will characterize your business and will allow you to target your ideal audience.

Corporate identity

The brand identity must be supported by the corporate identity, which instead conveys the image of the company, its values and philosophy. The aim is that of distinguishing you from competitors in the conduct of your business.

Communicating the company mission through images and texts is a powerful and effective marketing operation

Brand Identity and Marketing in Dubai

Over time, many businesses have developed marketing and communication operations in support of their brand and corporate identity, to get people talking about them and to create curiosity about the product or service.

How does visual identity materialize?


The careful definition of your brand identity is a fundamental step in enabling our agency to support you in your Marketing and Communication operations.

Serena Genovese Web & Digital carries out a detailed study of the characteristics of your corporate identity to give you a visual identity in line with what your business actually is.

Mission, products, corporate values, services and the ideal customer are just a part of what we look at when researching the brand identity. Our aim is that of identifying your added value and ensuring that it is transmitted through all the visual identity tools.

A logo in line with your business, colors that express your target market and a font suitable for your audience are just some of the elements that will make up your visual identity in support of your marketing and communication operations.