content to inform the web about your business

Content to inform the web about your business

development of websites in Dubai

Nowadays, being present on the web is essential for every business.

Before contacting a business for their own needs and requirements, 68% of customers seek information through the web.

Website development is like setting up a shop window – it allows the prospective customer to locate information about your business and contact you through the web.

Web Copywriter, Seo copywriter and Ux writer in dubai

Creating content for website development will allow your site to speak to the web using the language of search engines and with an attractive layout.

Once you have identified the topics relating to your business, it is necessary to establish the most suitable language and appearance, to make the web speak about you in turn.

The web copywriter will write about you and for you, through your words but using a language suitable for the web: a persuasive language able to capture the attention of web users. The web copywriter writes for the web in its various ways, from blogs to persuasive texts, highlighting that which makes you unique in your business and philosophy.

The persuasive copywriter will be able to find the most suitable words based on the target audience, in line with the brand in question and for the intended purposes.

web designer for the development of websites in dubai

The web designer will take care of creating the best look for your site, its graphic structure and its layout.

Developing websites that are customized and in alignment with the corporate identity is the mission of the web designer.  Serena Genovese Web & Digital has developed numerous websites over time, differentiating them and adapting them to each individual goal.

Knowing the customer is of great importance for our web agency in terms of creating a configuration suitable for their business.

SEO Copywriter and UxWriter in dubai

The web has laws, which if followed will enable your site to be visible and traceable even to those who do not know you. An ” optimized site” is a site that has good SEO making it visible to all users among the top search results.

The SEO Copywriter knows the laws of the web, how they apply and how to make your site perform.

The rapid evolution of the digital world has recently led to the appearance of the figure of the Uxwriter, accompanied by the Uxdesigner. These two figures are present as part of the Serena Genovese Web & Digital team, enabling us to provide services in keeping with the times and with the demands of the web.

These new figures analyse and plan the web user experience. They focus on microcopy, those texts that guide possible actions on a website, such as registration or online purchase.

All the figures involved in the creation of content – web copywriter, SEO copywriter, Ux writer, Ux designer, photographer, videomaker and web designer – carry out detailed research and analysis of the business in question, of its ideal client and of the message to be transmitted to create content of value.