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Your brand identity, website and social media activities expose you to your target market. During the development of your website, in the content creation process, the web designer will suggest the best way to introduce you to potential customers. The Serena Genovese Web & Digital agency boasts decades of experience in the world of photography and professional videomaking. We are confident that we can offer you high-level corporate photographic services, photos of your products, commercials, corporate videos and advertising videos. Talking about yourself and presenting yourself at your best is essential.  If web users linger on a page it is often thanks to professional images and photos: high quality videos and detailed product photos can make all the difference.

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corporate photoshoot
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corporate photoshoots

Adding photos of your team, your studio and your projects intrigues the user, who can already see the quality of your service by consulting your site or social profile. A corporate photo shoot, showcasing your laboratory, studio, company spaces and the people who work there, draws the potential client in.

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We can describe a product in great detail, but no description can replace a photo of the product with attention to detail.  A professional photographer knows how to enhance the characteristics of the product, highlight its shape, colors, dimensions and all other characteristics via a photo. Nowadays with the rapid development of e-commerce it is necessary to have photographs of the products offered so as to direct the user’s choice.

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In a world increasingly oriented toward lived experience, using corporate videos to present yourself is the best option. Reinforcing the photos of your products and your activity, a video showing how it is done and where it is done allows the user to live the experience remotely. 

A corporate video will show your corporate identity more closely, and will emphasize your skills. Corporate videos, commercials and advertising videos produced by Serena Genovese Web & Digital will capture the details and characteristics of your business. 

A commercial or promotional video will also allow you to introduce yourself in the world of Social Media, transmitting quality and innovation. Our video makers are at your service. They will analyze the purposes of the video with you and suggest the best formula for increasing your visibility.