Rebranding ExpressVPN

express vpn rebranding

Rebranding ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN also recently carried out a rebranding operation, presenting the new logo linked to the change in its offer as well.

What is the Rebranding?

It is an operation, we will dare to say essential over time, through which a restyling or a real change of one’s Brand Identity takes place. We have defined it as “essential” because over the years, every activity must be in step with the times and trends and above all with its target. ExpressVPN itself asks its users: What was your online life like in 2009? What phone were you using? What social media profiles did you have?

Was “the cloud” anything other than that white puffy thing outside? Present on the VPN services market since 2009, the same company questions its users about the changes in the web over the last 11 years, asserting that its services such as TrustedServer, Network Lock or Lightway protocol, have become leaders in the sector but certainly the needs and expectations. digital have undergone an evolution. ExpressVPN is committed to making the digital world of its customers even safer through its site.

expressvpn rebranding

A new logo for ExpressVPN

We work hard every day to make it possible for you, and for everyone. But while our tech has always been cutting-edge, now it’s time for the look and feel of our apps and website to match.” 

This sentence contains the essence of the rebranding operation. When times, services and requests change, it is necessary to present yourself adequately, making sure that the logo itself communicates the company philosophy. 

The company has interpreted the main feature of its services through its logo: speed. Speed of connection, downloads, of the help center are the basis of the ExpressVPN philosophy as well as the discriminating choice of users. 

The new logo represents the speed “think of it as a digital tailwind to help you on your online journey, wherever it is you choose to go”. A no-frills logo, synthetic but expressive, faithful to the colors of the brand and the essentiality that distinguishes it. The rebranding operation also involved the interfaces of the apps and programs with the addition of bright colors, captivating images with pop tones. Perfect example of how rebranding involves every aspect of the company, from the product to the logo through to communication.

expressvpn rebranding