Search Engine Optimization

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SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization.

What does it mean to optimize?

It means improving the indexing and positioning of website content by search engines, enabling the site to be positioned on the SERP pages (the response pages to web users’ searches) and therefore increasing traffic to your website.

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Relying on a qualified SEO agency will ensure you have web content capable of obtaining a good ranking in search engines. The Serena Genovese Web & Digital agency carries out this step with professionalism and experience.

The SEO analysis carried out by the consultant will identify the best strategy to capture potential customers via the questions they themselves ask the web.  The analysis involves the target audience, the searches your potential target users carry out on the web, competitors and objectives.

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Search engine positioning is the goal of the SEO Consultant. Capturing the potential customer when they ask a specific question of the web is a powerful and effective form of marketing.  Speaking about your business in SEO language will bring informed and interested visits to your site, without the need to invest in additional advertising. Positioning on search engines is therefore synonymous with visibility.

positioning and indexing on google

Every site is indexed on Google. This is an automatic process that Google performs in order to then put it forward as an answer to the questions asked by web users.

Ranking on Google, although it happens automatically, is subject to the contents of the site, and a site with good SEO is more likely to rank better on Google. It is often thought that SEO is just a way of using language, or the use of certain words. This may be true, but it is not entirely sufficient for marketing and positioning purposes. SEO is the combination of operations, words, links, formulas and much more that only a trained SEO agency can offer you.