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The services offered by the Serena Genovese Web & Digital agency can satisfy every requirement and, applying creative development in line with your philosophy, make it possible to achieve the set objectives.

create a website in dubai

In addition to developing websites, we offer a series of services to strengthen your image. All our services are carried out by a team that shares ideas, determines a common path and sets clear goals in order to be able to give you a personalized service.

Creating a website, without support in certain steps, before, during and after the creation of the site, can make the investment redundant. For this reason, the services we offer represent important and necessary steps in order to have a presence on the web and in the digital world with an appropriate image.

we emphasize creativity, because creativity is female and our team is 70% female

the services of our web design agency to create your website in Dubai

web development & design​

We design, create and manage websites. From developing to graphic design, with innovation and in line with your brand identity.

The web developer and the web designer work together to transform graphic ideas into web pages. The purpose is to create your site highlighting your business through a menu based around what you offer. The graphic style and user experience will be the focus of our creativity.

This is the process of identifying the topics to be covered on your website and the way in which to present them based on your needs and objectives. We will choose the best look for each topic, mixing images, words, colors, the site aesthetic and every feature that makes it attractive for the web and the digital world.

Every business, from small individual companies to multinationals, needs to create its own identity. As every human being has their own peculiarities that make them recognizable, a business must also be recognizable and traceable in terms of what it is and what it does. 

If your business and your philosophy are not identifiable, you risk targeting the wrong audience and therefore not developing your business in the best possible way. Communicating what you do and how you do it through a clear and honest brand identity allows your potential customers to reach you easily.



The term, an acronym for Search Engine Optimization, refers to the process of optimizing the content of each website for search engines. Applying a good SEO process will enable your site to be more visible on the web. Each search engine scans the web in search of the best sites to satisfy users’ searches, so if your site is aesthetically well developed but SEO optimization is lacking you risk rendering your investment redundant.

Creating content for your website is important but supporting your web showcase via social media is the step to channelling as many users as possible to your business.  Serena Genovese Web & Digital will support you in the world of social media, ensuring your presence is effective on social platforms, each of which has its own dictates in terms of content, images, texts and frequency of publication.

Using visual language to promote the brand and its philosophy enables the web user to link images to your business.


There is no second chance to make a good first impression

Oscar Wilde


We will ensure you have an appropriate image, showcasing your workspace, your projects… all those details that make the difference. A photo shoot and a video showcasing your


products and services will lead the user to imagine the same product and service adapted and applied to their own particular circumstances.

Every service offered by the Serena Genovese Web & Digital agency is customized, and, in accordance with your needs, we will work with you to find the best solution for your business.