The Unieuro social media manager’s post – and Taffo's answer!

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“Fra, it’s me, the social media manager.” Unieuro’s social media manager strikes again!
On December 22, Unieuro‘s SMM had already launched an ironic marketing idea.

Obviously, the response of the king of black humor wasn’t expected!

But let’s go in order. The LG UHD TV Facebook
post said “An offer that stands on its own.”

And so Unieuro staff members commented on themselves:

  • We know you’re all reading them! Like this comment if you’ve made it this far.
  • But we are just the communication agency
  • I want it
  • Still available?
  • Unieuro marry me
  • Sorry, I’m just answering an email for a moment.
  • Hi Graziella!
  • Love it
  • Breakthrough

… and so on!

They ended up receiving 13k likes, 9k comments and 8k shares, but it would be interesting to find out how many TVs were sold with this viral post!

Unieuro's social media manager strikes again!

Tuesday, January 12, the new idea from Unieuro’s social media manager. In a Facebook post about an enticing promotion, a lengthy rant about his routine as a marketing manager. 

This is a very normal post about this great LG washing machine discounted by 54%. There is nothing else to see. Really, it’s not worth me clicking on More….

Oh, thank you for pressing “other.” Really. Which is more than “more.” It’s all here. Yes, it’s me, the social media manager at Unieuro. Nothing, I haven’t been here all week because I’ve been sent on a course to learn how to be a cool social media manager. Yes, after that story about the offer that comments on itself, they told me that I needed it, that they saw me as a little tried and true. Basically, in this course they explained to me how to behave, how to make posts, how to comment (and the comments were a big deal). They showed me the right pages, the right posts. I learned a lot, I think. Overall it was nice. Maybe sometimes a little cringeworthy, especially when they told me “you have to be brief in the texts” and I was like “but dude, brief what? But do you realize the trauma that until the day before yesterday people were playing with stickers and now they have to choose which washing machine to buy? One minute you’re there convinced that the clothes will magically wash and iron themselves and the next you’re comparing prices and functions between models on offer. Next thing you know, we’ll be at condo meetings voting to keep the kids from playing soccer in the backyard and you’ll be telling me “brief”… Apart from the fact that this washing machine is a bomb and does its job even with synthetics (marked), but that’s another matter. Anyway, back to us, what was I saying? Ah, yes. I found that course really helpful, I recommend it. Maybe tomorrow you’ll have to manage the page of a brand of cool t-shirts that a friend of yours makes (which, by the way, this washing machine would wash like crazy; yes, I know, more marketing stuff), or maybe I’ll get fired and they’ll look for another social media thing… you never know. So, what are you eating tonight?

Underneath the flurry of posts come more long-winded comments from the Social Media Manager:

  • Okay, this is where I bore you to with a very long comment about this washing machine. Are you guys busy? Whatever, you’re reading this comment, I don’t think you have an exploding schedule. Come on, let’s get started. This is a washing machine with cons… No, no, they told me in class to be more professional. “Learn more!” Just like that, out of the blue. Let’s put it on for show. So, this blessed washing machine… nothing, it’s smarter than me and has 20,000 possible program combinations. I’m lucky if I can program an alarm on my phone. Then, if like me you have a lot of allergies, this one is perfect for you, because it has this crazy technology that uses steam to take out like all the allergens. Bombshell, huh? And it’s really beautiful. Elegant, modern… it looks like a high-concept piece of design. Well, by now you’ve probably figured out that I’m no good as a salesman. If I knew how to sell washing machines, I wouldn’t be a social media manager. Do one thing: if by chance you need a washing machine and want to pay half of what it’s worth, go here…/F4WV310S6E-pidGOLF4WV310S6E
  • Let’s use this comment to say absolutely nothing. I mean, really nothing. Not even if you’re literate and with all the flat-earther nonsense around could we find a meaning to this comment.

Come on, find it anyway, what do you want to find?

Zero really. Ah, buy the washing machine though.

You can find that one.

You can find it here (…/F4WV310S6E-pidGOLF4WV310S6E), the meaning is not.

You won’t find it.

  • Will I make any more? Will this be the last comment I make? I don’t know, guys, I hope not, I mean, what if I get fired at the end because I drool too much? After that it’s a mess, I mean, how do you guys have fun? How do I eat? These are all questions to be taken into consideration when you write a post, because it’s always easy, but at the end of the day at work you also have to deal with the problems you have at home, problems that may be linked to the fact that doing the washing machine is a fuss and in the evening at 8 PM you don’t feel like it, a desire that would return if you had a new washing machine that thought about the best washing program for you and just by chance this washing machine is advertised in this post, just look at the combinations of life, so many times when destiny gets in the way it’s really incredible. (honestly, buy this washing machine or I’ll be fired.)…/F4WV310S6E-pidGOLF4WV310S6E

  • However, I wish I had half your confidence and foresight. I don’t even know if I have any electricity or anything in the fridge and you already know what you’re eating tonight. Do you understand now why I’m in a fret over this washing machine? It’s got a bunch of programs and I wouldn’t be able to do half of them in my entire life. It’s so hard, girl. Performance anxiety, sense of inadequacy, the face of my Latin teacher who tells me that I’ll never get anything done (well that has nothing to do with it but it’s my own trauma). Are you guys good planners in general? Like one time, when I lived in Rome, I remember that I organized a soccer match in Brescia (I swear), bringing in friends of mine from all over Italy. And nothing, in the end I couldn’t go, and even that scarred me. Do you understand why when I read up to 20,000 program combinations in the description of this washing machine (which you can find here:…/F4WV310S6E-pidGOLF4WV310S6E) I panicked? This thing is very serious. Help me. Please. Hello resp luvU 3msc.

The question we’re all asking ourselves is: who is Unieuro’s social media manager?

Behind Unieuro’s marketing isn’t some crazed social media manager who has hacked the official Facebook page.

There’s a brilliant communications agency that has only recently started using the formula that made Taffo famous. (Do you think he missed it?)

Unieuro’s online and social creativity from January 2020 has been entrusted to Bcube, a communication agency based in Milan.


Will this be the right direction for Unieuro?
Right now, this post has skyrocketed vanity metrics (likes, comments, and shares) to create engagement between the company and its social consumers.

Will it be used to target and then start with advertising?

Taffo's answer to Unieuro's Facebook post

Did you really think Taffo wouldn’t respond to Unieuro’s viral post? You were wrong!

Taffo‘s social media manager didn’t miss the opportunity to respond to such a viral post!

Same graphic as Unieuro’s post, but with challenge text:

“Easy to sell a washing machine, try it with a tombstone.
It doesn’t wash, but it comes in handy when you’re ironing. Free delivery.

And that’s all we need to say.”

Who is Taffo’s social media manager?

The social media manager who made Taffo Funeral Services‘s facebook page gain followers and engagement with his black humor posts is Riccardo Pirrone, CEO of KirWeb.

What is KirWeb’s elaborate communication strategy?

Reversing the concept of classic communication! It seems to us that they’ve really succeed!