Taffo Funeral Services's Black Humor

taffo black humor covid

The Black Humor of Taffo Funeral Service strikes again. This time about the gatherings in Milan.

Taffo’s Social Media Manager posted a photo of the rave party in the Darsena writing as follows:

“All this support was not needed for the opening of our office in #Milano. We guarantee it.”

Real Time marketing and Black Humor have won once again. Although there was no lack of criticism of Taffo’s sarcasm, in a post about the Coronavirus.

The answer to those accusing them of cynicism was not long in coming: “We have been warning everyone for twelve months about the danger of the virus, we have raised funds for hospitals and demonstrated against the NOVax. The word” take advantage “should be used with your friends of the Darsena. Not with us”.

With Taffo Funeral Service this type of marketing is working great, so much so that they have become a franchise.

We had already talked about it a short time ago about the hit response with Unieuro, and there would be a very long list of viral posts by Taffo.

But the real question is, can this type of marketing work even on a small business?