we are a 70% female team!

– We are a 70% female team!

– 30% is the male nerd part?

– No! Our nerd is a woman.

You just read a real-life excerpt. A typical and recurring moment of our day.

Yes, we are women who deal with Web & Digital, websites, SEO, brand identity, content and all those things that only hearing them mentioned for some reason make us think of a man in front of a PC.

We are sorry to disappoint you, even if we prefer to surprise you, but the male part in this web agency is “only” 30%.
Is working with women difficult? maybe … but not working AMONG women! Serena Genovese Web & Digital is a tangible example.

Come on … we all know that despite computer science is a science well rooted in our society, present in the lives of all of us, hearing about a team of women developing websites and programming is still rare and is perplexing.

We have great respect for the male category and its exponents who work daily in this area, we do not like to call them competitors because everyone has their share of the market, their method, their style … but let us gloat a little when we see the your astonished and captivating expressions from this female team.

We know how to combine practicality, organization, sensitivity, self control, empathy and creativity all together.
We are multitasking as only women know how to do and hear ye … a cold does not put us down.

The female team was born spontaneously, when Serena, founded her Web agency, established a network of collaborations to support her business and once the sums were summed up, here it is this 70% pink share.
Are we proud of it? Yes, but even happier because we understand each other, we compare, we support and above all each of us has her well-defined task.

Attention, our male 30% is essential and we must be grateful to him.
We are convinced that in every team we need balance and all our work is submitted to the whole team to have visions from multiple points of view.

So what does this 30% blue share do? These are creatives who deal with corporate videos and photo shoots, as well as the composition of music for corporate and advertising videos.


To be honest we also have another member in our team that we cannot do without: Teo … who, regardless of being a man or a woman, always welcomes everyone in the studio wagging his tail!