Italians and pasta

Italians and pasta: an indissoluble combination and a love that goes beyond time … even beyond cooking time.

Big Minutes Movement (Movimento Grandi Minuti – MGM)

Already some time ago the Big Minutes Movement had come to life through social media, born almost by chance when the advertising Marco Faccio (HUB09 Brand People) through a post on Facebook told that during a dinner with friends they realized that the indications of the time of cooking on the pasta packages were difficult to read. 

The response from social networks and consumers was massive and from there the birth of the “manifesto” that encouraged companies to make cooking minutes more visible, complete with a challenge: «Which brand will be the first to demonstrate this willingness to listen? Which one to take such a decisive step as to become the most popular brand in the country? ».

movimento grandi minuti pasta
movimento grandi minuti pasta
garofalo movimento grandi minuti

Garofalo and his response to the Manifesto of the Big Minutes Movement

Following this, various companies in the food sector, not necessarily pasta producers, responded to the appeal by also exploiting the social visibility of the Big Minutes Movement. Among the others, Findus replied, with an ironic “Dear pasta producers, this is how the minutes are indicated” who shared the packaging of his 5-minute minestrone. 

Last but not least, Garofalo first launched a social campaign based on the manifesto of the Big Minutes Movement with polls through his Instagram profile in which he asked his followers “But really can’t you find the cooking time on the package?” Survey campaign ended with the publication of a video in which Matteo Bocciarelli (HUB09 Brand People) takes the field between the aisles of a supermarket and writes the cooking minutes with a marker on the packs of Garofalo pasta. A physical action as a prelude to the market launch of a limited edition of Garofalo pasta with a packaging that refers to the published video.

garofalo movimento grandi minuti

Marketing action that goes beyond the social world, leading the consumer to feel part of the operation itself when searching for THAT product and its purchase. 

An experience has therefore been created, something that goes beyond a one-sided communication. The centrality is placed on packaging, a fundamental element on which BTL (Below the line) operations can determine the success of the product.

Barilla and Spotify: Playlist timer

barilla playlist timer

And it is precisely the creation of an experience that is the basis of Barilla‘s new promotional campaign. The love for pasta goes beyond the search for cooking time and Barilla adapts to the needs of consumers … if the cooking time is difficult to find or calculate, Spotify takes care of it, offering 8 different playlists depending on the pasta format. By selecting the playlist linked to the Barilla pasta format on Spotify, the consumer will be involved in an experience with a high marketing power.

Designed for a target of “smart” music lovers who are also assured that the playlists will be updated periodically. The captivating names (Top Hits Spaghetti or the Moody Day Linguine for example) are also combined with covers illustrated by international artists: Alessandro BaroncianiFernando Cobelo,  Mauro GattiEmiliano PonziVan OrtonCarol RolloNicola “Nico189” Laurora e Andrea Mongia.  All works with pop colors and inspired by the history or culture of pasta.

best song penne

Let’s forget the good old timer or the alarm clock on the mobile, the music will take care of it to the rhythm of Indie, Pop and timeless classic sounds will be the background in our kitchens. 

The idea and the care of the project is by Publicis Italy and as the agency explains it is “a gift designed for all those who understand cooking as a form of art and entertainment and who can thus take advantage of the cooking minutes to listen good music, and entertain yourself “.